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Bob for long hair

Bob has long had its popularity since the beginning of XX century. Fashion trends have changed, but the bob has not lost its relevance today. Why bob has become so popular? The answer to this question is very simple, for many years, this hairstyle favored style of Coco Chanel. At that time, one in two women wanted to be like Chanel. Latest fashion trends created new, so there have been changes in technology implementation bob. Has a new bob for long hair, which has become very popular. Bob for long hair is not only stylish but also very comfortable in his sock. Also laying a hairstyle not need to spend a lot of time it is quite taxing, what is important now

Currently options bob is delicate layered bob, bob for curly hair, short bob, long, asymmetrical bob and many others. If you are still confused in doubt fit you bob and do not want to risk shear off its chic long hair, you should do the classic bob hairstyle for long hair. It is not necessary to experiment with multi-layer and asymmetry, while you still know the bad haircut. If the classic version of bob for long hair will please you, only then you can experiment and apply different techniques haircut.

Stack bob haircut for long hair is very simple. After you’ve washed your hair, divide them into cooperate for and apply to every strand of foam mousse or styling. Dry your hair in the cold mode, starting from the roots smooth transition to the ends of the hair, they are slightly .Bob for long hair can be of different lengths, up to line of the shoulders, and even longer, depending on your original hair length and desires. This hairstyle can be with smooth ends or with steps, as well as the volume, it is plain, with curls and swirls. Bob haircut should be chosen with respect to the structure of the hair and face shape.

A huge role in this hairstyle is bangs, which can change the general view of the whole hairstyle.That density, shape, length, creates a general view of bob haircut. Bob can be worn and no bangs, but this year the fringe is very popular, so if you go bang, it is best to wear a bob with bangs than without it. Bangs like nothing else can visually change the shape of the face. If your hair is straight and thick, the perfect option for you will be the bob for long hair with thick, straight bangs.


If you have a narrow face, you’ll like the bulk bean. O of a female with a round face recommend a long bob with a clear straight strands. Volume hairstyle with smooth contours perfectly brighten sharp features. Just bob for long hair will suit a girl with a round face, and young women with a long neck and thin facial features should abandon the bob for long hair. In this case, the ideal option would be a medium length bob, it will make your face more round, and shorter neck.

In its origin bob for long hair quite stylish and bright, but in order to do even more expressive and unusual, these ladies to experiment with asymmetry and color. Offer to coloring hair, but avoid contrasting colors, now fashionable to wear natural, warm colors. Bob is relevant for all situations, great haircut overcame both everyday wear, and the celebration. Bob will look beautiful and stylish only healthy and well-groomed hair, so it should be laid daily, otherwise it will lose its superiority.

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