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Cool multicolored hair coloring ideas for fall 2013

Change your hair color, adapting it to the new trends of the season – a perfect solution for those who want to look fresh and luxurious. If you’re ready for a change, look at these cool multi-color hair coloring ideas for fal l2013 and then a new style for this season!

Now, when we were spending the summer, it’s time to focus on the trends of the new season and bring order to your hairstyle. Fantastic haircut and / or a bright hair color – that is all that is necessary in order to get a fresh and luxurious look, after which everyone will turn around. So if you are looking for a new hair color that will accentuate your unique and will go beyond the ordinary, take a look at these cool multi-color hair coloring ideas for fall 2012, and to encourage a new hairstyle.

Trends in hair color, still insist on the natural, simple colors such as blond, brown, black and red, but the combination of two or more colors will work in your favor.There are a million shades of luxurious living, which will look great in your hair, regardless of length, and all you have to do – find the right tone and technique of painting.

Mixing and combining different shades of living can give interesting results, so discover the boundless world of bright hair colors, and choose the color with which you feel most comfortable with. Even if the color that you choose, meets the latest trends, but it is you, and if you know how to wear it, you will still look amazing. Staining broad strands, highlights, and then coloring in the desired intensity of color can give a trendy, expressive results, so become a real trend setter and allow yourself to change. Choose a color that is based on two colors, if you close a softer and more accurate approach to coloring hair, or take a large number of shades, if you want to be the center of attention.

If you are looking for a stylish and ultrachuvstvenny hair color, take note Ombre style. Paint the ends of the strands of a different color, so that there was a gradual transition from the roots to the ends of the hair. You can take natural colors or try a bold color, coloring ends in green, blue, pink, purple or red. Remember that if you have dark hair, you need to lighten your hair first, before painting them in bright colors, as most are subtle shades on dark hair.

The fall of 2012 returned to the Gothic style, and hairdressers offering bold color combinations, even more interesting than before. Bright paint applied in broad strokes, in contrast with the cool natural hair color will make all swoon in delight.Choose a cool red, yellow, turquoise, blue, purple or green color, a properly fitted shades beautifully emphasize your trendy haircut. Take two shades or mix different colors, causing them to broad strands to achieve a more expressive effect, and a more intense color.

Having decided on multi-key coloring, best to consult a professional who will get the desired result. In addition, the cabin uses professional paints that are not comparable with hair dyes, sold in stores, so you should dye your hair in a barber shop, you will not regret it!

To preserve the color saturation, use care products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Expressive, vibrant hues require special care, so think, are you willing to bear the additional costs, which, however, are worth it, because the obvious advantages of such a hairstyle!

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