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Haircuts for spring-summer 2013

Want to know what are the hairstyles for spring-summer 2013?  As in previous years, this season the asymmetrical shapes and colors will be present.And combinations of color and hairstyles can be chosen according to the tastes and preferences of each girl …

Haircuts for spring_summer (5)


We will see different types of hair: wavy hair, curly or straight. There is a bet verytrend and is carrying messy hair, these hairstyles are very modern and chic . The 2013 is not to be the year of the short hair at all costs, but those who love the look sporty and comfortable can enjoy a contrasting fashion and trends.Hairstyles for spring summer, in fact, they’ll make room for creativity and improve the look and shape of the face with cuts paraded and tousled short cuts to comb with your fingers. bangs if you do not have to comb their hair straight out or backwards to discover the forehead and give volume to the hair and light eyes.

Haircuts for spring_summer (4)


Sophisticated short haircut combed back for 2013

Haircuts for spring_summer (1)

Cut Bob with the crown paraded, highlighting the contrast in dark gray streaks

Haircuts for spring_summer (2)

Straight bob cut with bangs weathered.

Haircuts for spring_summer (3)

Long hairstyle with bangs paraded to bring in spring 2013.

Haircuts for spring_summer (1)

Haircut long layers cut to wear with wavy hair this 2013.

Haircuts for spring_summer (6)

Bob Cut round wavy hairstyle with long bangs.

Haircuts for spring_summer (7)

Cut short almost shaved the sides and longer on the central part of the head being, highlighting the wicks in charcoal gray and yellow.

Haircuts for spring_summer (8)

Weathered bob cut with bangs longer, this cut is ideal for girls less risky, since it is the most conducive to any kind of face.

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