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Hairstyles for new year 2013 (5)

Hairstyles for New Year 2013

You have decided to have clothes that will meet New Year’s Eve? Time to decide, and so, what will the New Year of 2013 hairstyles. It should save the whole image, including, as you know, is not only suit (or dress) and a beautiful makeover.

Have you ever seen an attractive woman with a stunning figure in a perfectly fitting suit and we must realize that something was wrong, something extra, something repulsive. And such seemingly trivial, may well be far from perfect manicure, or far from perfect hair. For example, the hair arranged beautifully, and the roots had grown out and resonance (especially blondes) becomes so strong that it causes a feeling of not grooming and rejection. Another example – the gorgeous flowing long hair is … going ends. It indicates not well maintained. So, before you look at the new hairstyles in 2013, look carefully, should not adjust at first what is already there. And then to take care of the installation. Do not leave the “creative disorder”, which is so fond of the stylists. By the way, there is plenty of options.

New hairstyles 2013 (long hair)

Perhaps the ideal would be tails and braids with some affinity to the snake theme. The hair, of course, can be left loose, but make sure they do not look sloppy. Very handy to the retro style, winning by itself and suitable for many outfits (it does not mean “all” should be kept harmonious integrity of the image). The most popular this season retro wave Babette, rockabilly, female. There is something similar, but at the same time, they are very different and unique in its own way. Refined and beautiful as always, classic, combined with trouser suits and dresses that have A-line. Another of the recommended pilings – hairstyle “beam”, is suitable to any girl. What counts is the right approach to the chosen accessory. They must blend in with the accessories that you have chosen (chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets).But the most relevant image bohemian (and here with stylists can not agree). Hairstyle that was popular even among fashionistas Ancient Rome.Then the hair decorated diadems of gold. By the way, the Greek braids popular even the most capricious stars.

By the length of a very classic dress fits most usual bun, decorated with ribbons, hoops, studs. But putting your hair, be sure to make sure that the locks falling down and not sticking out.

Let’s go back to the retro, noting another style – “shell.” There is no need to adhere to the Classic. A lot of different interpretations, but avoid stray strands of hair. It is better to spend more polish, but securely hair.

If you do not want to hide the full-length haircut can do “Hollywood.” Retro wave also looks more luxurious than it is for long hair.

But different types of braids and cornrows are still unsurpassed. First, because they viewed the image of a serpent, and secondly – a fantasy here can soar as much as it depends on the flight of creative thought. But those who can not attend on the eve of a beauty salon, offering learn to weave fancy braids themselves.

French braid

Start from the beginning of the hair growth (frontal projection). Take a small piece of hair (strands) and is divided into three parts (locks). This will be the base. Start weaving stacking order on top of the central strands of the extreme. Setting the stage, we start by adding a small strand in each weaving. If you want a bigger weave, then grab the strand more. Weave finish usual way, which tie or rubber band or a barrette. There is another version of this species Spit – Spit inverted. Weaving technology is the same, only the strand is not imposed from above, but from below (on the contrary).


Lagging most of the tail (which is easier and better kept.) Collect all of the hair in a ponytail (or top half, while the bottom half is simply dissolved, and you can thus open the face, removing the hair from his forehead and temples). Divide the collected hair (only two, necessarily equal). Each turned in opposite directions. Tighten tightly, otherwise the braid fall apart.Twisted strands completely intertwined. And, too, in opposite directions.The finished braid commit eraser.

Spit Greek

Varieties of this hairstyle that as well. But learning the simplest option, you can complicate later submitted draft and make yourself more than a fancy hairstyle. Usually begin weaving side. Take a strand of hair (the height is up to you – you can start and forehead, and you can take strands at the temples) and in spikelet begin to weave strands of thin, alternately grabbing a lock on the left, lock right. In fact, it is not only unusual and beautiful, but also very easy. But practice, of course, necessary. Spit fasten a rubber band, bobby pins, etc., or collect the remaining hair in a bun, or frizz and leave it in the curls. Very feminine and cute look two Greek braids braided forehead.

Hairstyles for New Year 2013 (medium and short hair)

If you still prefer more retro, curl hair in waves. Permitting length, make a low bun (with fleece) or build a bundle. Neat and beautiful will be the “shell.”

For those who prefer straight hair, you should consider a square (there are options, and with a bang, and without). This cut (with well-groomed hair, of course) will come to anyone, without exception, as well. May not be limited to the classic bob. Oblique and asymmetric fringe benefits dilute bored rigor classics.

For those who like short cuts to services short bob. Today, he climbed to the peak of fashion. Haircut is perfect to owners as curly and very straight hair.

The choice, as you can see, wide. The solution is just for you …

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